Acupuncture for neck,shoulder,back,elbow,hip,and knee pain.(English speaking)
KAPOS Acupuncture clinic
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Our Clinic

We provide a clean and neat environment with consideration for every individual’s privacy.


Nearest Station

10 min walk from Shinagawa Station. (Konan exit) ≫ Map



4th Floor, Stork Building Kitashinagawa
1-13-10 Kitashinagawa
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan



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Flow of visit

At the door

No need to ring the door bell. Feel free to come in.


Inside the entrance area

Please take your shoes off and use slippers.


Within the Waiting Room

If you arrive early, please have a seat and make yourself comfortable.


In the Private Consultation Room

Tell us about your symptoms here.


Within the reatment Room

Just relax and forget the clamor of urban life.


Treatment Procedure

Filling out  the Medical Questionnaire

We will guide you to the consultation room and provide you with a medical questionnaire.

After you fill out the form, we will ask you about your symptoms and your needs.

Change of clothes




After the consultation, we will guide you to one of our many treatment rooms.
There, we will provide with patient wear to change into.


Standard Briefing

To inform you about the procedure, we will show you how the needles work.
If you feel any anxiety, feel free to ask questions.

Assessing your symptoms


Let us know where you feel any discomfort, regardless of how small the pain may be.

Palpation and Acupuncture Treatment

Locating Acupoints


Acupuncture Treatment

Before the treatment begins, we will identify the cause(s) of your discomfort. Afterwards, we will check which acupoints should be used.

This will enables you to gain maximum benefits with minimum needles.

We will ease your symptoms with 3 to 7 selected acupoints.

Post-Treatment Explanation

We will explain what you should avoid after treatment and give you some tips and advice for your daily life.
We can also give you a treatment plan and treatment schedule.

Payments & Reservations

For reservations, we can reserve your next booking at your request.
To find out more about how to do this, and for information concerning fees and payment options, please click the link below:


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