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Position English Staff

English speaking staff

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture
Blood type Type O
Hobby Listening to and playing music
Special skill English, French and Arabic language
Favorite writer Yahya Taher Abdullah (Egyptian novelist)
Favorite words The world is beautiful



I was formerly working in the international field. I’ve visited many countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years. Most of the jobs I’ve worked were either face-to-face negotiation or desk work. Because of mental stress and lack of physical exercise, I suffered severe back pain. That was the first time for me to experience acupuncture treatment.


Surprisingly, after trying acupuncture therapy, my back pain vanished and my chronic stiff shoulder was cured. I was so impressed by the effectivity of the results that I decided to become an acupuncturist myself.
Therefore I quit my job, went to school for a national license, and then became an acupuncturist.


When I came to KAPOS, I was amazed by the SAMURAI acupuncture practiced here. The SAMURAI acupuncture method is not based on the ancient Chinese theories, such as Ying-Yang and the 5 elements, but rather on Japanese martial arts! In the field of martial arts, the most important thing is being practical and effective. Because of this, SAMURAI acupuncture is naturally quick and effective. Therefore I would like to share this with the entire world!


Since I’m multi-lingual, I hope to support the various foreigners that visit.


Please come and experience the original Japanese SAMURAI acupuncture. Let’s enjoy a healthier life, both physically and psychologically.



Position English Staff

English speaking staff

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture
Blood type Type A
Hobby Eating and drinking at different restaurants, reading manga, and taking walks.
Special skill I’m able to sleep everywhere.
Favorite Youtuber Kimagure Cook(a person who cooks fish)
Favorite words Man is a thinking reed.
Riki Ai Funi(力愛不二); Power and love are one, they cannot be separated into two.



Acupuncturist ISHIII once had a bad experience.

During my college years, a friend of mine fell ill. While they were sick, I found myself unable to provide assistance, failing to even recognize their struggle.

This prompted a deep-seated desire within me to aid those facing similar adversities; those individuals who are grappling with their problematic circumstances, feeling utterly helpless.

Moreover, my practice of Shorinji Kempo, a martial art, taught me the integral connection between body and mind. Thus, I chose to pursue a career in acupuncture, with aspirations to influence the mind through bodily intervention, recognizing the holistic approach it offers.

While immersed in my acupuncture studies, I harbored the hope of integrating martial arts into my practice. This aspiration led me to discover Seido Shinkyu, a technique innovated by our clinic’s director, Mr. Kurihara. Seido Shinkyu, rooted in ancient martial arts chiropractic principles, serves as the cornerstone of our clinic’s methodologies.

Mr. Kurihara continues to push the boundaries of acupuncture’s potential, and, within my capacity, I am eager to contribute to this practice. Intentions, without corresponding skills, remain ineffectual. Therefore, I am committed to continuous refinement, endeavoring to assist a broader spectrum of individuals in need.



Position English Staff
Born in Hyogo Prefecture
Blood type Type AB
Special skill foreign languages(Chinese・English・Spanish(in order of preference)
Favorite writer  Kotaro Tsunekawa、Yu Hua(Chinese)
Favorite words Betting on the danger of each moment.(Taro Okamoto)
※Safety is the first priority in the treatment.


Combining my university studies of Chinese with my long-held interest in medicine, I decided to pursue a career in acupuncture.


It has been more than 10 years since I started my clinical practice, and I have been able to continue meeting people who suffer from various symptoms. Considering this, I feel motivated by the fact that there are people who are happy with my techniques.


I don’t only enjoy catering to those who understand how the practice of acupuncture works, but I also enjoy helping newcomers understand the magic of this practice, and further cultivating the appreciation of acupuncture within those who have general knowledge of the field..



Similarly, I hope to foster the same passion within fellow acupuncturists so that we may share our skills amongst ourselves and strive to work as a team within our clinical practice.


We try to avoid needless stimulation with a focus on applying the needles only to the acupuncture points that are deemed effective. We strive to provide a treatment that allows you to feel the wonderful benefits of acupuncture.



Position English Staff Acupuncturist OKAMOTO

English speaking staff

Born in Ehime Prefecture
Blood type Type O

Watching Baseball games, Syo-gi (Japanese Chess)

Special skill English
Favorite words

Experience comes from thinking, and thinking comes from action.

(Benjamin Disraeli


Acupuncture license(OKAMOTO Yuji) Moxibustionist license(OKAMOTO Yuji)


OKAMOTO Yuji(Japanese acupuncture))I formerly worked for an SPA company as a store manager (a huge company; you may have one item in your closet at least). To satisfy a lot of customers everyday, I worked hard with many staff. It was a worthwhile time.


But one day, my body and mind reached its limit. I was having feelings of insomnia, weight loss, and most especially pain in my right shoulder. This would go on all day. When I’d move it, there was a cracking sound. It made me want to remove and replace my entire arm, like one does to a mannequin in a store.


At the time, I happened to see a friend of mine in Kobe.


He ran an acupuncture clinic there. At first, I was afraid of the needles, but despite this I decided to go ahead and try the treatment. This caused a moment of surprise. After the treatment, all of the problems that I felt in my shoulder suddenly vanished after one session.


This made me realize what I wanted to be in life.

So I switched jobs and began my education in acupuncture at a professional school. While I was an office worker in the daytime, I was a student of acupuncture in the evening.


After 3 years of continuous effort, I finally received my acupuncturist license.

However, a license is just a license. I had to keep growing. Fortunately enough, through great methods and great coworkers, I found that KAPOS was a great environment to grow in. So, I kept brushing up on my skills, eventually got better, and now I am committed to give you the best treatment for a better life.

Thank you all for reading.

I am looking forward to seeing you here at the KAPOS acupuncture clinic.



Position Director Acupuncturist KURIHARA
Born in Gunma Prefecture
Blood type Type O
Hobby Skiing, photography. driving
Special skill Blog(Acupuncturists’ diary
Favorite movie The Sting, Infernal Affairs
Favorite words God is in the detail


免許証_はり_栗原誠 免許証_きゅう_栗原誠 免許証_あマ指_栗原誠


品川カポス代表 栗原誠The way I developed our “SAMURAI Acupuncture” enables practitioners to derive the answer of which acupuncture points are the most effective, in manner that is nostalgic of solving algebraic equations.


I believe this is the only method that allows practitioners to analyze our patient’s symptoms mathematically.


Because of this original characteristic of “SAMURAI Acupuncture”, we are able to share clinical reports easily.


It is possible to improve the technical level of acupuncture dramatically in a short period of time, as one can learn from other practitioner’s experiences.


I may not be able to see you in Shinagawa, as I spend most of my time in the acupuncture clinic in Gumma (Yokiin), but I am hoping to compensate for my absence by continuously improving our techniques and sharing them with our staff.

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