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What is SAMURAI Acupuncture?

SAMURAI acupuncture is different from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It does not use ideas from ancient Chinese philosophy. Instead, it has inherited ideas from Japanese martial arts.

Martial arts has always been practical, as without it people wouldn’t be able to defend themselves. For ancient Japan, the Japanese warriors of the time (Samurai) had discovered a lot of rules for body movement, thus developed a unique original therapy. Some of these rules still remain today in Judo, as a method of first aid care for injured players. However, most of these techniques have been lost in time, because they were handed down orally from father to son as a secret art.

Since acupuncture is a medical practice, we can’t treat patients with pure conceptual philosophy. Through this point of view, we realized that there are limitations in using Chinese traditional acupuncture. Because of this, we researched the Japanese hidden art of therapy.

In our research, we were able to dig up this hidden art. Afterwards, we integrated it into acupuncture and revived it in the modern world. By structuring a theory which put emphasis on “movement”, we succeeded to make acupuncture’s efficacy immediate with potentially larger effects. And here, we established a new “SAMURAI Acupuncture”.

SAMURAI Acupuncture is derived from Japanese ancient martial arts. It can be said that it’s traditional. However it’s still evolving, thus expanding the future of acupuncture as a practice.

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