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What KAPOS thinks of headaches

" Headache "


Suffering from these symptoms? We have good enough skills and experiences.

  • squeezing pain
  • tightening pain
  • band-like pain
  • pulsating pain
  • throbbing pain
  • pounding pain
  • penetrating pain
  • stabbing pain
  • piercing pain
  • drilling pain
  • sensitivity to light/sound/odor (smell)
  • pain in, behind or around an eye
  • sore, tired eye
  • sore neck
  • pain in the temple
  • pain in the middle forehead or eyebrows
  • pain behind the ear
  • visual disturbances (geometric shape blind spots, zigzag lines, shimmering spots or stars)
  • feeling sick or vomiting


Don’t hesitate to contact us!


KAPOS is an acupuncture clinic specialized for headache. We have a lot of experience in Migraine, Tension Headache and Cluster Headache.


Pain that medication doesn’t work, symptoms that massage and body works don’t solve, not willing to keep taking medicine, you have an alternative solution with acupuncture.


Our treatment for you

  • I don’t want to keep medication.
→ No adverse effect with acupuncture.
  • Painkiller works me only temporarily.
→ We will find out a true cause and solve it.
  • My headache has been killing me for more than 10 years.
→ Regardless of its duration, we have cases to be improved.
  • I don’t think migraine will go away.
→ We have many cases that migraine has completely gone.
  • I want to try a special acupuncture for headache.
→ KAPOS is the one who suits you. We developed original theory from our rich experiences in headache.
  • I have tried bodywork and massage so many times.
→ Acupuncture has different effect, why don’t you try once.
  • I’m scared by joint cracking sounds that chiropractors often make.
→ Acupuncture is relatively gentle and safe.
  • I hate painful treatment.
→ We are directed at using the minimal amount of stimulation to attain the greatest results.
  • I’ m looking for a treatment which is able to heal completely.
→ We eradicate causes of ill-feeling.
  • I want immediate effect.
→ Our treatment is quick-acting.


Treatment plan

KAPOS relieves your headache symptoms while conditioning the whole body. Needling directly to the head is one way, but we think it has limited effect.


KAPOS is specialized in intractable headache. We will check the whole body and search out the true cause of the headache, then remove it with a sophisticated needling technique. Mainly those acupoints in hand, foot and back are used. Since the number of needle is minimal (3 to 7 only), even the people who don’t like acupuncture can accept it.


KAPOS Way Why it is Safe?
  • No needle to the pain location (head)
  • Unique theory to classify various headaches
  • Identify the exact stiffness in the neck and the shoulder which causes headache
  • Checking your movement for examining the condition of deep fascia
  • Needling is shallow, acting deep inside the muscle
  • Use of the acupoints which improve stomach health
  • Our Acupuncturists are all Government Certified
  • Disposable needles 100%
  • Thorough sterilization
  • Treatment with minimal number of needles and acupoints
  • No deep needling without necessity
  • No needling to the risky part of the body

Even though your doctors say “the cause is unknown” ,,,

However important the examinations at a hospital, if you don’t find any strange results, you’ll have no other choice but keeping to take painkillers.


In many cases, chronic headaches are closely related to stiff neck and stiff shoulders. Doctors usually don’t see the stiffness in muscles and postural matters. We thoroughly check up the “physical habits” which can not be found by the hospital examinations.


You can say that “Headache does not go away without caring for stiff neck and stiff shoulders”. It’s true for any types of the chronic headaches. If you could eradicate the stiff neck and the stiff shoulders, you can get rid of the headache.

Checking stiffness in the neck

Stiffness is not always same. We found each type of chronic headache has its own distinctive pattern of stiffness. The one for the migraine, the one for the tension headache, the one for the cluster headache are all different. You may not notice it if you don’t feel you are tensed, however, it must be resolved.


There are several patterns for stiffness. Depending on its location, the types of headache differ. Checking stiffness in the neck is our first step to stop your headache.


Besides the neck, we also check the stiff shoulders.

Checking stiffness in the shoulders

In parallel with the neck, we check the stiffness in the shoulders to find the cause. Actually, most of the causes that make the neck stiff are from the shoulders. Because it is the shoulder and back muscles that support the neck muscles, whereas the neck muscles are supporting the heavy head.


Along with the neck muscles, muscles around the shoulder blades and the collarbones support the head moving. The stiff shoulder has a variety of types. We classify it into 12 types so that we can take an appropriate treatment.

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