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Our Commitment to the Multilingual Community

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English training for acupuncture


On Sunday, our team engaged in an English training session led by an acupuncturist who spent seven years working as a trainer in the United States. He currently teaches English to Japanese therapists and is also an integral member of our team. This connection provides us with a highly advantageous learning environment.


For Japanese speakers like us, mastering the English language requires significant effort and passion. While we are not yet perfect in our language skills, we are diligently preparing to ensure that we can effectively communicate with patients who do not speak any Japanese.


Although the majority of our patients are Japanese, we have noticed an increase in non-Japanese patients since we began offering our services in English. These patients come from various linguistic backgrounds, including Spanish-speaking regions. When we encounter words we don’t know, we sometimes use translation apps to aid communication, utilizing the latest technology to assist us.



Some patients visit our clinics with family or friends. With several English-speaking staff members available, we can accommodate multiple patients at the same time. We recommend making appointments while our staff’s schedules are open.


Our commitment is to provide effective acupuncture treatments without causing pain. This requires meticulous palpation and precise needle insertion; skills we continuously hone through training. We take pride in our high-quality acupuncture treatments and wish to share these benefits with people worldwide, not just our Japanese patients.


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